Working from Home 

Office and workplace design through to installation for a wide variety of applications inside or outside of the home.


As our working pattern changes so should our environments and with more people either having to or choosing to work from home due to the affects of Covid-19, we must adapt... so why not adapt in style with a little bit of personality thrown in?

That is why SRS are offering bespoke designed Shoffices.


Shoffices are an adaption of a shed or out-building that can comfortably accomodate your office or working from home needs, cretaing a working pavillion.

Generally situated in the back garden, these spaces offer seclution and quiet away from the house and can be designed to allow for any creature comfort or internal or external feature that will keep your business running comfortaby.


They can be as large or as small as you like and in various materials.

They can be hard wired for lighting, power and data.

They can be heated, air conditioned, insulated, treated like an extra room of your house or just a basic space in the garden to work from - the choices are vast... and entirely up to you.





Things to consider before embarking on a Shoffice are as follows...


  • Ideally if opting for wood, your building should not be sat directly on a lawn or soil surface due to damp and rot so an adequate deck, paved or concrete sub floor will be necessary, either installed by yourself pre build or we would be happy to install one for you as part of your package.


  • You must check to see if planning permission will be required. This would normally come into effect if the building is of a substancial height or if the entirety of the building touches the both boundaries on your property, so always double check before consideration.


  • And enjoy the process - SRS can steer you in the right direction, whether you would just like a flat pack, self-build or us to bespoke design a one off Shoffice, we can guide you through the process to make sure that you love your new working space.


Feel free to contact us for further information and a free consultation either by video call or safely measured distancing in your home or garden if you feel comfortable to do so.



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